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Celery- the underated vegetable


Celery is one of the most underrated and most beneficial vegetables of all. It's one of the best sources of potassium, sodium and sulfur the three most needed minerals in the human body. Also vitamins A,B,C. Natural diuretic, laxative and discourages water retention, greatly improving appearance.

Dandelion Greens: How to Eat

In this post below i will try to explain you precisely and concisely to how to eat dandelion.
Almost all the portions of the plants are edible. From flowers, stem, leaves to root. But there are few things that we must discern before eating them.
  • Make sure that the plant is not grown by using chemical fertilizers; in its place use cow dung or decomposed leaves or vegetables.
  • Collect leaves before the bloom bud appears, or before the stalk grows as they will taste bitter if you wait too long.
  • You can directly chew leaves, stem or flowers but make sure to wash the portions well with water.
  • Dandelion root can be a good alternate of a coffee.
  • Dandelion greens can also be cooked. You can boil greens for five minute in water, then season it with salt and butter and eat them hot.

Dandelion-A Miracle Plant

Dandelion or Blowball, cankerwort, lion's tooth, priest's crown, puffball, pu gong ying, swine snout, Taraxacum officinale, white endive, wild endive.
Effects: A good source of lecithin and choline, both of which are beneficial to memory, plus the
antioxidant carotenoids, lutein and violaxanthin. Dandelions are nature's richest green vegetable source of beta-carotene, from which Vitamin A is created, and the third richest source of Vitamin A of all foods, after cod-liver oil and beef liver! They also are particularly rich in

Natural Cures are more Effective

Nature Cures are more effective.
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How to grow Aloe Vera plant at home

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a popular plant, thought to have originated in Northern Africa. It thrives in dry climates and produces budded, succulent leaves full of slimy gel. This inner gel, obtained by breaking the leaves, is medicinal in nature and

How to Grow Wheat Grass At Home

Wheat Grass

1.    Soak adequate quantity of organic wheat-grain overnight in water in any container after cleaning it properly.
2.    Keep around 7-8 pots ready with a thin layer of soil, preferably around 1-2 inches deep.
3.    Don’t mix any chemical fertilizer, instead use plant manure or cow dung.

Benefits of Wheat Grass and Barley Grass

Wheat Grass Juice
Wheat grass is an excellent source of such antioxidant vitamins as A, B, C, and E. Both wheat grass and barley grass contain all the minerals essential for health, especially calcium, cobalt,

Benefits of Milk Thistle

 Milk Thistle Or Carduus marianus, holy thistle, Mary thistle, St. Mary's thistle, Silybum marianum, wild artichoke.

Milk Thistle

Benefits of Milk Thistle: Milk Thistle contains the bioflavonoid mixture silymarin, which protects the liver against hepatitis, cirrhosis, and toxins such as carbon tetrachloride, alcohol, and

Benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry
Amla or Indian Gooseberry also known as Emblica Officinalis is known to be a full-bodied source of Vitamin C. The Amla fruit is very beneficial. It tastes sour. Both dried and fresh fruits can be used. Due to its strong,

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is species of succulent plant that probably originated in northern Africa and found in many dry regions of the world. Aloe has been well known for centuries for its curative properties, and both oral intake and topical dressings have been recognized to aid healing of any kind of skin wound, burn, or injury - even speeding recovery time after surgery. In recent times as alternate medicines are stepping up, numerous researches are taking place around the world thus humanizing and making us aware of the diverse uses of Aloe Vera.

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