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Acne- Simple Home Remedies

Most people believe acne to be the bane of adolescence, but it can also happen to adults, even those who went through their teens blemish-free. In teenagers acne may plague otherwise healthy kids and so is considered an acute condition. However, Ayurveda considered it to be a sign of unbalanced pitta dosha which need to be balanced. 

What are Acne's signs?
Acne are - red, inflamed pimples, whiteheads, blackheads-occur when oil glands produce too much oil (sebum) or oil that contains ama, the toxic byproducts of poorly digested foods such as junk food or if you don’t chew your food properly or eat too much. Bacteria on the skin interact with the sebum and cause abscesses to form-inflammation and plugging up of the hair follicles near the glands. Infection may set in which can eventually cause scars.
a person with acne can cure it by following a simple regime like not eating too spicy and oily food, avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks, drink lots of water all day long and follow the below home remedies.

Some home remedies for acne
1) Turmeric is antibiotic and antibacterial. Form a paste of 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder with a little water; carefully apply to blemished with a cotton swab- be careful with your clothes as turmeric will stain clothes.
2) You can also wash your face in the morning using Besan (chickpea powder) mixed with water to make a paste; apply to your skin like a lotion and
rub gently before rinsing off.
3) Apply a light coating of Neem oil before retiring to bed.

4) Practice Lion pose. This yoga is very beneficial as it improves blood circulation of the face and also other benefits. Always practice this asana in the morning empty stomach.
  • Steps to do Lion Pose:
  • First of all knee down on the ground and put the weight of the body on calves, knees and heels with the toes pointing back.
  • Head and spine should be kept erect with the knees around 6 to 12 inches apart.
  • On the knees, press your palms with the fingers extended straight. This is the Thunderbolt Posture/Vajrasana.
  • Open your mouth completely and breathe out through nose and mouth.
  • At the same time, extend tongue comfortably out of the mouth bending it in the direction of chin.
  • Hold the breathe by keeping the abdomen pulled in. Then extend your eyes, bare your teeth and stretch the facial muscles.
  • Stay in this pose for around 10 seconds or your breakpoint.

Also, purify the blood impurities with teaspoon juice of Neem leaves in the morning. If you can't bear its bitter taste you can take capsules readily available in the market. Another important herb to purify blood is Manjistha(rubia cordifolium). Manjishtha purifies the blood and is very useful in all blood originating diseases like skin diseases, bleeding tendencies etc. Manjishtha also improves complexion of skin and functioning of liver. Take 1/2 teaspoon of manjistha(rubia cordifolium) with water.

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  1. I think Apple cider vinegar & lemon works for acne.thanks for your valuable home remedies


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