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Benefits of Giloy: Swine Flu and Dengue

In Ayurveda, Giloy is one of the most essential herbs in use. In recent times it becomes popular as its name is linked in the treatment of Swine Flu. It is also known as Guduchi in India.It is also known as Madhuparni, Amrita, Chinnaruha, Vatsadaani, Tantrika, Kundalini and Chakralakshanika in different parts of india.

Giloy pacifies all the three Doshas so it is quite effective in diseases of Tri-dosha origin. Below are few of the numerous benefits of Giloy.
  • Giloy possesses antiseptic and analgesic properties. It is used in common skin conditions and gout. If its juice is taken with Neem and Amla (Indian Gooseberry) it is very effective. You can see the effect in couple of weeks.
  • Juice of 1 feet long branch of Giloy and seven leaves of Tulsi(Holy Basil); boiled and taken as a herbal drink enhances body’s resistance level up to three times. It also increases platelets count, which decreases considerably in Dengue fever and Swine Flu. So it is one of the potent remedy for Swine Flu and Dengue. 
  • Giloy is quite useful in thirst, vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, liver disorders, jaundice, acid-peptic disorder, dysentery and worms. During indigestion the juice is taken or the paste of the leaves is given with butter milk.
  • Giloy is effective in cardiac debility, blood, disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, splenomegaly, gout and anemia.
  • Because of its Snigdha Guna and Madhura Vipaka; Guyduchi is also a very good aphrodisiac (drug that stimulates sexual desire).  
  • Giloy benefits a lot in prameha – urinary insufficiencies specially diabetes and other disorders of urinary bladder. In Diabetes it juice is taken in good amount regularly.
  • Its juice is considered very effective in removing both external and internal toxins. It also cleans out the brain toxins that concern mental function.
  • Giloy is used in chronic fever, malaria and typhoid fever. It is taken with honey. Also the stem of the plant with pipli (piper longum) is taken.
  • Giloy reduces burning, normalizes temperature, improves appetite and increases the strength.
  • In piles its juice with butter milk is very useful.
  • Leaves and root can be used in excessive bleeding during menstruation or if one have bleeding after abortion or delivery. 5grams of its crushed leaves juice is taken in 2 to 3ml in half cup of water and given to the patient till its condition improve.
  • Giloy is outstandingly good for respiratory troubles particularly in asthma. Patient can chew its root and bark every day for fast results.

Giloy stem powder should be taken in routine to nourish the body physically as well as psychologically.3-6 gm of powder is beneficial.

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