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My First Blog Post

Health- what we always strive for. Every year we spent a huge amount of money on health care. Around 19% of US government expenditure goes on health.
According to WHO's assessment the following link will provide the most reliable database of the world spending on health care. Click here.
But the question remains that when trillions and trillions of money spent each year on health care then why number of patients are increasing with ever-increasing number of deaths each year and why medicines are expensive and out of reach of poor people?Why governments are not paying attention to alternative medicines?

I think there is something big, rather shady behind those health plans and policies.
But, not going deep into this labyrinth. Let’s jump up to the alternative.
Nature has all the answers.
In this blog we will highlight alternative medicines and discuss all the medicines and herbs that nature has gifted us with and provide inexpensive cures of all the diseases that modern medicines has no or incomplete cures.
I hope my blog will surely be of help and i am looking forward for suggestions and  inquires regarding different topics that we discuss in the coming posts.

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Note:-This is a blog about health, nutirtion, diet food, nutritional supplement, health problems, weed, medicinal plants, healthy living. In this health and wellness blog I am discussing the herbal uses, effects of weed, about herbs, food for vegetarians, medicinal plants like celery, dandelion, amla, milk thistle and all other natural healers for healthy living. The motive behind this blog is to bring awareness among people about its surrounding, the mother nature and its precious gifts. The Gifts that we have forgotten long back. Please consult your doctor or herbal practitioner before using any herbs.