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Home Remedies for Winter's Cold and Flu

Few Home Remedies that you can take this winter to avoid Cold and Flu
Don’t let the cold be a concern to you this winter. Try these homes-remedies and keep yourself free from clogged or runny-noses, sore throats and almost all winter common problems. So here are a list of plants and spices that can keep health problems at bay and keep your taste buds ticking.
This spice is known for its panaceas qualities. Just add this spice into your daily diet and this antimicrobial and antiviral spice can keep you away from viral infections, sore throat, indigestion, nausea etc. You can take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with honey, or mince fresh ginger with hot soups or can blend it with citrus fruit juices for additional benefits.I have gone through many products online and mentioned below are few products that are organic in nature and that you can buy online
Another wonderful spice with numerous therapeutic properties and also anti-Cold remedy. Garlic is antimicrobial, …
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Dengue Fever - Protection and Cure

Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever is such a fever that occurs by the bites of mosquitoes born in stopped water, and by these they infect the disease from one person to another. Dengue Fever is a viral disease that spreads through the mosquito bite and its first symptom is a high fever. During this illness the body's platelets are reduced. Dengue Fever spreads through the mosquito called Aedes. Every year in the rainy season this disease spreads, in which thousands of people die. Doctor explains that there is 30-40 thousand platelets in 1 ml blood in the body. These platelets are destroyed daily and they are formed daily. Dengue reduces the speed of the body's work, which also leads to slower growth of platelets. In this case, the resistance of the body also falls. Dengue mosquito bites mostly in the day and spreads in clear water. Females lay eggs in the water collected in cool fresh collected water environment like cooler drums, rain water collected in pot holes etc. after dried up A…

High Blood Pressure: Symptoms and Treatment

High Blood Pressure: Symptoms and Treatment
Changed fast lifestyles giving us success, comfort and money but it is also giving us many lifestyle diseases also. One of those very dangerous diseases is High Blood Pressure which is also called Hypertension. 

In this article we will discuss all about High Blood Pressure or hypertension, this disease can also be termed as silent killer because most people do not know that they have a high BP complaint and being in continuous hypertension may lead to other problems like heart disease, diabetes and brain haemorrhage  and many more.

Before talking about this disease in detail, let me state that in 2017, in the hundred districts of India, the National Family Health Survey was done by the Union Health Ministry, in which a shocking fact came up -One out of every 8 Indians is suffering from high blood pressure and this data more or less would be universal for rest of the world.

CLAY – THE BEST FACEPACK and the Friend to the Beautiful Skin.

Clay and beauty has a great connection since ancient times .Clay is also used as a very important ingredient to any mask made these days and beauty products of course .They are found There is a wide range of beauty products in the market today. The clay in found in horde of colors and kinds .The knack is to pick the right product which suits your skin type. One could try the clay products and feel the difference. I personally do not recommend any brand here but then one could see the details of the product before well purchasing them. This could work and an elementary guide as to know what clay could be used for your everyday care and needs as per the type of your skin.
The clay packs have been known to have a great difference on the skin. It’s just to know which clay pack to be used for what variation of the skin and to choose which is the most suited one.
Also known as bentonite clay !This pack is prepared from the mud having sufficient m…

Swine Flu Remedies in Ayurveda

Just as the symptoms of every disease are different, the treatment of every disease is different depending on their symptoms. Not only this, the symptoms of diseases spreading from the virus are one, but they are treated differently in different fields of medicine. Treatment of swine flu is possible in every system of medicine so with Ayurveda. With the effect of Ayurveda medicine, it is possible to treat swine flu and also help in increasing the immune system. Let's see how effective Ayurveda is for swine flu. Ayurvedic medicine is usually quite effective. Through this many treatments are easily possible. Swine flu in Ayurveda is known as Janapadodhansa. Since Ancient times the treatment of deadly swine flu is effectively cured and well document in Ayurveda. The following precautions should be taken to avoid it. ·To protect you self from swine flu, boil turmeric and salt and gargle it when the mixture turns lukewarm.·Wash hands and feet with hot water and keep your surrounding cle…


Green tea has long been acknowledged for its health and wellness benefits, including weight loss assistance. The evidence is irrefutable. But are we overlooking something better? It is true that green tea contains powerful antioxidants. These components contribute to minimizing health risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.      As a Weight Loss Expert, it has been my primary goal to share practical tips and tricks for those pursuing optimal health. In upholding my obligation to transparency, I am about to reveal how green tea, although beneficial, is gradually losing value in the light of its delicious rival – rooibos. , also known as red tea, is equally high in antioxidants, however sourced from different substances to that of green tea. The antioxidants contained in rooibos – aspalathin and nothofagin – are comparatively rare, and help to regulate blood sugar, reduce excessive fat production, stress, and inhibit metabolic disorders.  After the results of recent studi…

Use Environmental Friendly Cotton Bags

Dear All, I request you all to please stop buying / using polythene bags while buying grocery items and vegetables from the shops. Not even non-woven bags, they too are non-biodegradable like polythene and take hundred of years to completely degrade and become part of the soil but before that they keep polluting the soil with their poisonous chemicals and chocking the drainage systems as well. Raghukul Aryyawart a Non-Government Organization run by Dr. Anubha Pundir from Dehradun, working continuously against use of plastic and polythene use from the past 10 plus years. She is not even making people aware of harmful effects of polythene use but also have come up with an excellent idea of employing BPL(below poverty line) women from different part of the state to stitch cotton bags of different qualities and design to meet various demands of consumers. She take a very small profit margin by selling those bags to run the project and pay salaries. Please visit her NGO's site to…

Health Benefits of Licorice / Mulethi / Yasthimadhu

Licorice is a popular herb in Indian subcontinent also known as Mulethi or Yasthimadhu. This multipurpose herb is commonly available in general stores across the country and has immense health benefits . It is popularly known as Mulethi in Hindi. In Ayurveda Licorice is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs and is found in numerous traditional formulas. The Liquorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid which is approximately 50 times sweeter than sugar. Following are the benefits of Licorice/ Mulethi:- 1)For Weight gain and Strength: - Mix 5 Gms licorice, ½ teaspoon ghee (purified butter) and 1.5 teaspoon honey. Consume the mixture with a glass of milk. Add candy sugar in milk for taste. You can add Ashwagandha in place of honey, if unavailable. 2)For Mouth ulcers: - Keep a piece of slightly chewed mulethi in mouth for sometime to get relief. 3)For Angina pain: - licorice ½ teaspoon mix with ½ teaspoon of katuki (Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora) should be taken twice a day with lukewarm …