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Dandelion Greens: How to Eat

In this post below i will try to explain you precisely and concisely to how to eat dandelion.
Almost all the portions of the plants are edible. From flowers, stem, leaves to root. But there are few things that we must discern before eating them.
  • Make sure that the plant is not grown by using chemical fertilizers; in its place use cow dung or decomposed leaves or vegetables.
  • Collect leaves before the bloom bud appears, or before the stalk grows as they will taste bitter if you wait too long.
  • You can directly chew leaves, stem or flowers but make sure to wash the portions well with water.
  • Dandelion root can be a good alternate of a coffee.
  • Dandelion greens can also be cooked. You can boil greens for five minute in water, then season it with salt and butter and eat them hot.

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