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Home Remedies that Works- Diabetes Treatment and Care

There are many home remedies that nature has given us for the treatment of Diabetes. I am here mentioning four of the best and inexpensive treatment to keep diabetes under control. 

Tomato bitter gourd and cucumber

1) Take Cucumber, Bitter Gourd and Tomato in equal proportion. Juice them and drink empty stomach in the morning.

Home Remedies that works- Loose Weight

Triphala Churn

Triphala is a classic Ayurvedic preparation which contains equal parts of Amla, Baheda, and Harad. It helps balance and rejuvenate the three constitutional elements that govern human life: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The main purpose of triphala is to help improve and regulate bowel movements. Constipation leads to many other health problems including digestion, liver issues, less vitality and energy, and just an overall poorer quality of life. 

For Weight Loss 

Mix I teaspoon triphala churn(powder) in 200 ml water and keep the mixture overnight. In the morning boil it till the mix reduce to 100 ml. Add 2 teaspoon of honey in lukewarm mixture and drink it. Amazingly, within days you will shed extra kilos without any side effect and its inexpensive. Search Google for other benefits of Triphala.
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MAGNESIUM- The indispensable mineral

Calcium cannot be absorbed or utilized by the body without magnesium, and almost everyone today is dangerously low in magnesium. As a matter of fact, people are SO low in magnesium, the first thing paramedics do when someone has a heart attack, is they inject magnesium.
magnesium makes you feel calm.

How bad it can be-Sugar and Sugary products

After cigarettes, sugar is the fastest thing to age you.
Sugar is basically nothing but a concentrated, crystallized pure acid that we love to eat daily in the form of candies, lollipops, ice cream, coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, chocolates, cold drinks, shakes and etc...
It’s one of the most addictive and destructive foods on the planet.

Body Detoxification- A must for healthy living

Hello guys, eating good food definitely will improve our health, but that’s just one of a element in attaining overall benefits. What about the toxins those are there inside our bodies accumulated from past many years through air pollution, junk foods, food preservatives, prescription drugs, anti-depressants, steroids, grilled, char-broiled, heated, cooked, fried or boiled foods, Sugar, processed food, heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc

Benefits of Brahmi

 Brahmi is an herbal remedy native to India. This perennial plant is used for various medical treatments. High in antioxidants, brahmi is also considered a useful aid in cognitive ability enhancement. Its watery in nature and thus makes it a popular aquarium addition.
Botanically named Bacopa monnieri, brahmi is also known as water hyssop, Indian pennywart, coastal waterhyssop, and thyme-leafed gratiola. In addition to India, the herb is grown

How To Eat Celery


CELERY is wonderful plant which helps in curing and preventing various health disorders which are constantly escalating day by day and are not easily curable. The green leaves, stem and the bulbous root of celery are all exceptionally loaded with many curative properties and makes celery a very important medicinal plant. There are various health benefits derived from celery and its juice.
But many of us are not including it in our daily diets, the reason is simple. We are unaware of its benefits and moreover, how to include it in our daily diets.
Celery is simple and fast to prepare. Once it's rinsed,

Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic


Garlic and its cousins (onions, chives and scallions) are possibly the most interesting of all vegetables. Garlic is able to slow and kill over 60 types of fungus and 20 types of bacteria, as well as some of the most potent viruses. Garlic has a history of killing parasites and controlling secondary fungal infections, detoxifying while

How bad it can be-Dairy Products

MILK, CHEESE and DAIRY (including cheese, yogurt, ice cream, sour cream, white salad dressings etc)
Countries consuming the most milk products also have the highest rates of degenerating bone disease (like osteoporosis), heart disease, breast cancer, allergies, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The United States consumes more dairy than the rest of the world put together and yet has the highest levels of osteoporosis and weak bones in the world.

How bad it can be - Anything made with flour

Wheat and Corn Flour Products
Anything made with flour like bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, crackers, pizza, pastries,cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes,etc are the major source of illness in today's society the above things are no more then acid and mucus forming in our body. More over its addictive and aging. Whenever we have some kind of stomach problem the first things that doctor tell us to avoid for few days is bread, pasta, pizza, cakes etc.. Why?

Noni- The healing fruit

NONI, INDIAN MULBERRY (Morinda citrifolia ) Aka Ba Ji Tian, cheese fruit, Indian mulberry, mengkudu, nhau, nono, nonu

Parts used: Roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, fruit and juice.
Noni has been used throughout South-East Asia and Polynesia for more than 2000 years as a food source, a medicine and a dye. Polynesian legends tell of heroes and heroines that used Noni to survive from famine.
Noni is purported to have many different effects including analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, immune enhancement and anti hypertensive activity.

Lemon - The power packed fruit

These are fewer known health facts about lemons. But there’s so much more to this little yellow fruit. Whether you use them in the form of juice, teas, drinks, dressing, and poultices or in the bath, take advantage of lemons’ natural healing power. They are very alkalizing (the acid becomes alkaline once inside the body) Lemons are very cleansing and rich in vitamin C and potassium; they increase digestive juices and liver cleanser, dissolve gallstones and are great for fasting. Lemons contain many substances--notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene--that promote immunity and fight infection. Here I am mentioning few of the benefits of lemon that can

Cucumber- Refreshing and Healing

Cucumber or Cucumis sativus is believed to be originated from India and is belonged to the family of creeper (vine) just like gourd, zucchini or pumpkin.
Cucumber is easy to grow and is cultivated around the world in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are plenteous health benefits of cucumber.

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