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Body Detoxification- A must for healthy living

Hello guys, eating good food definitely will improve our health, but that’s just one of a element in attaining overall benefits. What about the toxins those are there inside our bodies accumulated from past many years through air pollution, junk foods, food preservatives, prescription drugs, anti-depressants, steroids, grilled, char-broiled, heated, cooked, fried or boiled foods, Sugar, processed food, heavy metals like lead, mercury, etc
Have our system is cleaning itself of those dead cell and other crappy wastes in your intestine from a long period?
Is your body detoxifying properly?
In other words, a good diet makes your body detox. It pulls years and decades of toxic garbage from your cells and fills up all your body’s garbage cans just like when you clean your house after a long time makes garbage cans full. Your lymph system is overburdened, you liver and kidneys fill up suddenly with waste and your elimination system is overwhelmed from this mass exodus. If you don't send in more help to carry this stuff away, it will reabsorb into your blood stream and make you more sick and toxic.
The best way to overcome this problem is by taking enemas/colonic to help detox regularly. Do some stretching exercises and drink lots and lots of clean water. In the coming days I will be writing more articles on “detoxification”. Till then your comments are welcome. 

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