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Cucumber- Refreshing and Healing

Cucumber or Cucumis sativus is believed to be originated from India and is belonged to the family of creeper (vine) just like gourd, zucchini or pumpkin.
Cucumber is easy to grow and is cultivated around the world in different shapes, sizes and colors. There are plenteous health benefits of cucumber.
Cucumber is good for flushing the kidneys, detoxifying the system, cleansing the bowels, digestive health, contains erepsin, an enzyme that dissolve the tape worm.
Cucumber contains lots of calcium, magnesium, sulfur(beauty mineral)  along with Vitamin E and C. Cucumber juice does wonders for complexion. Its is always better to eat Cucumber with its skin and skin is very high in silica, minerals and enzymes.
Cucumber is also admired for healing illnesses such as those of lung, kidneys, stomach. Drink fresh cucumber juice to lessen heart burns and soothe an acidic stomach condition. It’s also beneficial in multiple ways for people suffering from gastritis and ulcer. Eyes that are swollen and puffy from late nights or too much work over a PC can be soothed by placing a cucumber slice over closed eyes. Take a glass of cucumber juice each day to control conditions of eczema, gout and arthritis. 
Cucumber is reasonably priced. So guys go for it and make it your daily diet complement.

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