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Home Remedies that Works- Diabetes Treatment and Care

There are many home remedies that nature has given us for the treatment of Diabetes. I am here mentioning four of the best and inexpensive treatment to keep diabetes under control. 

Tomato bitter gourd and cucumber

1) Take Cucumber, Bitter Gourd and Tomato in equal proportion. Juice them and drink empty stomach in the morning.

Jamun Fruit

2) Make a powder of Jambul or Jamun Seeds(also known as jambu/jambula/jamboola, Java plum, jamun, jaam/kalojaam, jamblang, jambolan, black plum, Damson plum, Duhat plum, Jambolan plum, or Portuguese plum). Take one Teaspoon in the morning and in the evening empty stomach.

Neem Leaves

 3) Extract Juice from 7 leaves of Neem(approx. 1 tablespoon). Swallow this bitter juice with water empty stomach in the morning. Its very beneficial for Diabetes Patient.

Impatiens Plant with Flowers
4) Impatiens Flower is also very beneficial for Diabetes. Chew 7 flower of Impatiens empty stomach in the morning to keep a check on Diabetes.

Note: If you have any kind of allergy or severity of problem, its always better to consult your doctor first.

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