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How bad it can be - Anything made with flour

Wheat and Corn Flour Products
Anything made with flour like bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, crackers, pizza, pastries,cakes, pies, muffins, pancakes,etc are the major source of illness in today's society the above things are no more then acid and mucus forming in our body. More over its addictive and aging. Whenever we have some kind of stomach problem the first things that doctor tell us to avoid for few days is bread, pasta, pizza, cakes etc.. Why?

The Gluten in wheat and corn is one of the major causes of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, where ulcers eat holes in the intestines and you start bleeding when going to the bathroom.
1. It's baked (heated) meaning all the life has been killed. Almost no nutritional value..
2. It contains Gluten, a very sticky substance that gums up your insides like paste. It contains an indigestible protein called gliadin, which is very tiny so it gets easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Since the body doesn't know what it is, it causes all kind of problems with the immune system. It makes you tired and ultimately sick. Bread and all flour products demineralize the bones, weakening them. Mucus clogs your sinuses, lungs, liver, gallbladder, intestines and reproductive organs. 
Remember, its we human that cook its food in this world and we and all the things that we feed are the one who gets diseases like cancer, ulcers etc. Gorillas eat only leaves and fruits and are five times stronger then us. So, avoid above mentioned things as much as you can. Eat green veggies and fruits for better health and longevity.

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