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How To Eat Celery


CELERY is wonderful plant which helps in curing and preventing various health disorders which are constantly escalating day by day and are not easily curable. The green leaves, stem and the bulbous root of celery are all exceptionally loaded with many curative properties and makes celery a very important medicinal plant. There are various health benefits derived from celery and its juice.
But many of us are not including it in our daily diets, the reason is simple. We are unaware of its benefits and moreover, how to include it in our daily diets.
Celery is simple and fast to prepare. Once it's rinsed,
it's ready to eat. To wash celery, separate the stalks and rinse thoroughly. Then trim off the leaves and base.
It's pleasurable to prepare celery. You can dice or chop it, cut it into slices or diagonal strips. Simply secure a stalk of celery on a cutting board and slice it into the desired thickness. Now, you're ready to enjoy celery's refreshing taste. Yes the best way to obtain the benefits of celery is to eat it raw. It’s juicy and yummy.
You can add celery in salads to enhance its taste. Just use them as you would any salad leaf, by adding other veggies and a light, oil-vinegar based dressing. Also you can add some pepper and chopped onions to it and enjoy!
Eat them with your favorite low fat sauces.
Put some peanut butter on the leaves to develop its taste.

You can Juice it up. Raw Celery and Carrot Juice makes a good combo. Try some other combo as well.
Few people are allergic to Celery, they are advised to consult their doctors first before eating it. 

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