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Benefits of Holy Basil / Tulsi

Holy Basil
Holy basil or Tulsi is an essential herb with numerous health benefits. This herb plays an important role in the lives of people especially in Indian subcontinent where this herb is worshiped in the morning and evening by the Hindus at large. There are many medicinal benefits of Holy basil. It strengthens immune response to viral and bacterial infections, fungi and other microbes and offer relief from cough, cold, flu and other respiratory tract infections. Holy basil or Tulsi is rich in
antioxidants and is powerful adaptogen/ anti-stress agent. Holy Basil improves cerebral circulation and enhances memory. It reduces unclear thinking and mental fog. For these reasons, it has been used to treat ADD and ADHD and depression.
To sum up, holy basil is an important herb with numerous benefits and beneficial to the entire body, it is considered a longevity enhancing herb and has often been taken for this reason alone.
Tulsi juice along with Giloy/Guduchi juice is effectively treating Swine Flu now a days when contemporary medicines are just supportive ones. 

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