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Home remedy for cold, cough and fever.

Holy Basil

Rock SaltIf you are suffering from cough, cold and fever and don’t consider taking prescribed medicines just like me, then this home remedy is for you and that too without any side effect. All you need is Holy Basil / तुलसी (7 leaves), cloves / लौंग(5 crushed) and rock salt /सेंधा नमक. Take a glass of water and put holy basil and crushed cloves in it. Now, boil the water till it reduces to
half its volume. Put a pinch of rock salt in it. Mix and filter. Now drink this hot decoction sip by sip. Lie down on bed and cover yourself fully with light quilt till you get sweat.        You will get instant relief from fever, cough and cold. Continue this process for 2-3 days
 for complete relief.  
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