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Echinacea - Immune Booster and other benefits

Echinacea Plant
Echinacea Plant with Flower
Good for common cold, often prescribed for common infections such as sore throats or ear infections if taken in tincture form.

The Echinacea herbal plant also known as Snakeroot, Black Sampson, and Purple coneflower, improves your immune system, beginning with tingly sensations in the mouth and has a bitter taste. Echinacea herbal plant stimulates T cell production in your body, macrophage activity, interferon production and inhibits hyaluronidase, thus making cells less susceptible to viral takeover. Echinacea herbal plant helps regenerate cells that have been damaged. It helps internal gangrene, exhibits some anti-tumor activity, and dilates the
peripheral blood vessels.

The name of the Echinacea herbal plant come from the ancient Greek word which is means hedgehog, referring to the sharp pointed bracts of the receptacles. Echinacea herb native to North America, This is a very common and popular herb in North America and also in Europe. It was used in Native American sweat lodges to help the participants endure extreme temperatures.

Echinacea plant is mainly used in the given below ailments:-

Flu, Abscess, Urinary Infections, Fever, Acne, Typhoid, Allergies, Tonsillitis, Blood Poisoning, Sore Throat, Boils, Scarlet Fever, Cancer, Measles, Mumps, Candida, Insect Bites, Chickenpox, Herpes, Colds, Gangrene, Eczema.
Almost all parts of the plant are used, from rhizome to leaves, seeds and flowers. You can make Echinacea herbal tea or buy Echinacea herbal tincture, Echinacea capsules or dried Echinacea herb in any herbal shops, herbal stores or pharmacy. Echinacea is non toxic. People with immune-function disorders such as multiple sclerosis or collagen disease should consult a doctor first. Rarely may it cause mild side effects such as dizziness, nausea, excessive salivation and throat irritation. Echinacea herbal plant can be taken every couple of hours during acute infection, but do not use longer.
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