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Catnip(Catmint) - Benefits and Uses

Catnip Plant
Catnip plant with flowers
Catnip or Catmint is a member of mint family of aromatic herbs. Most of us are probably familiar with catnip’s alluring qualities for cats, whom it was commonly named after. Whether growing fresh in the garden or dried and placed in a little toy, catnip attracts cats!. The reaction to catnip is because of the nepetalactones present in the plant. While most cats react to this chemical, up to 30% don’t. While catnip is stimulating to cats, it has

the opposite effect on humans. Drinking this relaxing nervine before bed can help wind us down after a busy day, promoting rest and sleep. Taken after meals, catnip can relieve indigestion and flatulence, promoting better digestion. Catnip is safe for young children and is often used for calming fevers, diarrhea, and colic. Moms of breastfeeding babies can drink a tea of catnip to help their young ones sleep. Herbalist, Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir especially likes the use of catnip for fevers because its high potassium content helps to prevent dehydration. Women with painful menstruation can also use catnip to ease uterine cramping.
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