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Want to loose weight? Hydrate yourself first.


Yes it’s true. If you sincerely desire to loose weight then hydrate yourself first with plenty of fluids especially plain water.

Our body preserves fat as a shield against the acids produced by the unhealthy lifestyle that we live. Now days we heavily depends on acidic foods and lifestyles like...
  • Eating Meat, Chicken, Pork, Turkey and Fish.
  • Dairy products like butter, milk, cheese including eggs
  • Bread, pasta, potatoes, baked goods and all products made with wheat or corn flour.
  • Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco
  • Alcohol, prescription and recreational drugs
  • Coffee and most commercial teas
  • Processed or fast foods
  • Sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Soft drinks and sports drinks
  • No exercise
  • Stress, negative emotions and spiritual emptiness

This above factors leads to heavy accumulation of Acids in our body and makes it acidic. While some of the acids are eliminated through the bowels, urinary tract and skin, but whatever is left behind has to be buffered and neutralized. Correspondingly our body manages

Herbs for Mind and Meditation

Many herbs have potent properties to rework and benefit the mind. They can be separated into several main types and usages.

1) Herbs to boost responsiveness and intelligence, strengthening in the mind. They are special stimulant and building agents for the mind and nerve tissue, similar to the tonics for the body. They increase soma (the inner Shakti of rejuvenation, immortality and bliss, which is the supreme creative force) in the nervous system, helping us to gain concentration, contentment and joy and to overcome pain.
Typical herbs: shankha pushpi, brahmi, gotu kola, ashwagandha, haritaki,
shatavari, bala, kapikacchu, arjuna, lotus seeds, shilajit.

How to Use these Herbs?

These herbs, like the tonics for the body which they resemble, are usually taken along with warm milk, raw sugar, raw honey, ghee and other nutritive items to boost their strengthening powers.

2) Herbs to stimulate the mind and senses and develop awareness. These open the channels, increase cerebral circulation and remove mucus from the head. They increase perception, facilitate the process of insight and meditation. They are similar to herbs to move prana (the Life Force).
Typical herbs: Calamus, Tulsi, Basil, Pippali, bayberry, ephedra (ma huang), sage, Elecampane.

How to Use these Herbs?

These herbs are taken along with warm water and honey (particularly honey that is older, which has more drying properties) to improve their effects. They are the main herbs used in nasya therapy (The nasal administration of herbal preparations).

Home Remedies for Winter's Cold and Flu

Don’t let the cold be a concern to you this winter.
Try these homes-remedies and keep yourself free from clogged or runny-noses, sore throats and almost all winter common problems. So here are a list of plants and spices that can keep health problems at bay and keep your taste buds ticking.

1)      Ginger: This spice is known for its panaceas qualities. Just add this spice into your daily diet and this antimicrobial and antiviral spice can keep you away from viral infections, sore throat, indigestion, nausea etc. You can take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with honey, or mince fresh ginger with hot soups or can blend it with citrus fruit juices for additional benefits.


2)      Garlic: Another wonderful spice with numerous therapeutic properties and also anti-Cold remedy. Garlic is antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal in properties

Cinnamon benefits - More then just a Spice


Cinnamon is native to India and Sri Lanka and also grown in Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, and Egypt, Cinnamon is extensively cultivated as a spice and medicine. Its leaves have a distinctive scent similar to camphor.
 An ancient spice, the inner bark of cinnamon leaves a pleasurable and warm taste on the tongue. Its indubitable health benefits are not that well known to the world and still many researches are going on in the different parts of the planet. It is a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium. 
In Ayurveda cinnamon is used for diabetes and now many researches points its effectiveness in Diabetes—Scientists are conducting tests for its efficiency in treating diabetes and hypoglycemic alike as it is emerging to work with insulin to help stabilize and regulating blood sugar levels in the body.

Antimicrobial- Many studies have suggested that Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Researchers at Kansas State University found that cinnamon fights the E. coli bacteria in un-pasteurized juices. In another study cinnamon has shown an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant Candida albicans, the fungus that causes yeast infections and Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers.

Pumpkin Seeds- Benefits and Usage

pumpkin seeds

While pumpkins are best acknowledged for pie and Halloween in the west and sweet and sour Kaddu (Pumpkin) ki sabji (cooked Vegetable) with poori (small, round, flat bread, deep-fried) for breakfast in Indian subcontinent, its seeds are usually considered as waste and generally thrown away in unawareness.
Pumpkins seeds—also known as pepitas in Mexico—are flat, dark green seeds. Some are enclosed in a yellow-white husk (often called the "shell"), although some varieties of pumpkins produce seeds without shells. Pumpkin seeds have a soft, chewy texture and a subtly sweet, nutty flavor.
Pumpkin seeds offer well-established nutritional benefits to us. Full of high-grade essential fatty acids and trace elements. Seeds are a very good source of bone-building phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, other elements like immune-supportive zinc and copper and energy-producing iron along with muscle-building protein (tryptophan-essential amino acid) makes it an excellent food supplement. It is estimated that

Benefits of Saptarangi- Cure for Diabetes and Obesity

Saptarangi plant with yellow fruit

Saptarangi or Salacia oblonga is a native of India and Sri Lanka. It is a woody shrub that grows in rain forests. It bears yellow green flowers with berries as fruits. It contains active constituents, glycosidase inhibitors, Salacinol and Kotalanol 9. Alpha glycosidase inhibitors are saccharides that act as competitive inhibitors of enzymes needed to digest carbohydrates
This plant is traditionally used in Ayurveda for its anti-diabetic properties. Saptarangi is the drug of choice for diabetes by alleviating the root cause of the problem i.e. to correct the working of liver and pancreas. The bark of this shrub is of considerable therapeutic value. Its constituents Salicinol and Kotolanol, controls blood sugar level in Type 2 diabetic patients. Not only in India but many countries are now using it for its superb anti-diabetic and weight loosening property.
According to study at Ohio State University reports that, researchers

Benefits of Artichoke/ Cynara

Artichoke or Cynara or globe artichoke (Hathichak in Hindi) is an European plant (Cynara scolymus) of the daisy family cultivated for its large thistle like flower heads. There are numerous health benefits of Artichoke and is one of the most clinically tested herbs for its amazing benefits. Artichokes leaves contain most of the plant's powerful health benefits. Here is a list of 10 most important benefits that we can get from this miraculous plant.

1)      High in Antioxidants: like other green plants artichoke is also known for its antioxidants properties. A study done by the USDA found that artichokes have more antioxidants than any other vegetable and they ranked seventh in a study of the antioxidant levels of 1,000 different foods. Some of the powerful antioxidants in artichokes are quercertin, rutin, anthocyanins, cynarin, luteolin, and silymarin.
2)      Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Artichoke helps to prevent some kinds of cancers like prostate cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer. Specific kind of antioxidants in the artichoke includes quercetin and a flavonoids called rutin, both of which are helpful in fighting off illness. Study shows that artichoke leaf extract induce apoptosis (cell death) and reduce cell proliferation in many different forms of cancer. An Italian study found that a diet rich in the flavonoids present in artichokes reduces the risk of breast cancer.
3)      Increased Bile Flow: Artichoke preparations a polyphenol antioxidant called cynarin which may relieve digestive complaints through increases in the formation and flow of bile. The increased flow of bile is called choleresis. Bile is excreted from the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and released into the intestine. Bile acids form a complex with dietary fats in the intestine and thereby assist in their digestion and absorption.
4)      Good for the Liver: The artichoke plant has been known as a liver tonic for centuries. Artichokes have long been used in folk and alternative medicine as a treatment for liver ailments and the scientific studies are now proving them to be correct. Its natural properties like the antioxidant cynarin and another antioxidant, silymarin, artichokes are very beneficial to the liver. Studies have found they may even regenerate liver tissue help the body get rid of toxins and assist the liver in its vital operations.
5)      Better Digestion: As Artichoke stimulates the gall bladder and is natural diuretic, thus aid in digestion and provide relief. Many studies have proved its effectiveness in curing irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS.
6)      Reduce after effects of Alcohol: Thanks to Its positive effects on the liver, many people has benefited by artichokes for

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