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Herbs for Mind and Meditation

Many herbs have potent properties to rework and benefit the mind. They can be separated into several main types and usages.

1) Herbs to boost responsiveness and intelligence, strengthening in the mind. They are special stimulant and building agents for the mind and nerve tissue, similar to the tonics for the body. They increase soma (the inner Shakti of rejuvenation, immortality and bliss, which is the supreme creative force) in the nervous system, helping us to gain concentration, contentment and joy and to overcome pain.
Typical herbs: shankha pushpi, brahmi, gotu kola, ashwagandha, haritaki,
shatavari, bala, kapikacchu, arjuna, lotus seeds, shilajit.

How to Use these Herbs?

These herbs, like the tonics for the body which they resemble, are usually taken along with warm milk, raw sugar, raw honey, ghee and other nutritive items to boost their strengthening powers.

2) Herbs to stimulate the mind and senses and develop awareness. These open the channels, increase cerebral circulation and remove mucus from the head. They increase perception, facilitate the process of insight and meditation. They are similar to herbs to move prana (the Life Force).
Typical herbs: Calamus, Tulsi, Basil, Pippali, bayberry, ephedra (ma huang), sage, Elecampane.

How to Use these Herbs?

These herbs are taken along with warm water and honey (particularly honey that is older, which has more drying properties) to improve their effects. They are the main herbs used in nasya therapy (The nasal administration of herbal preparations).

3) Herbs for calming and soothing the mind. These are mild sedative and pain relieving agents, but also slow down the mind for meditation. They are less nutritive than the mind tonics and better for reducing anxiety and agitated nerves.
Typical herbs: Jatamamsi, valerian, nutmeg, passion flower, kava kava, scullcap, lady’s slipper, zizyphus seeds.

How to Use these Herbs?

These herbs may be taken with other soothing agents like ghee or aloe gel to improve their calmative properties. Jatamamsi is regarded as the best. 

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