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Benefits of Jambul(Jamun)-Home Remedies

Jambul (Syzygium cumini) is an evergreen tropical tree and is native to India, Bangladesh, NepalPakistanSri Lanka, Philippines, and Indonesia. This fruit is also known as Jamun in Indian subcontinent and is so popular that even one of the favorite sweet dishes “Gulab Jamun(rose fruit)” got its name from this deep purple fruit.
There are many health benefits of this wonderful fruit, out of which few home remedies for the below mentioned diseases are clarified.   

  • Gums: For stronger gums rub dried Jambul leaves powder on gums. It is also beneficial for bleeding gums.
  • Mouth Ulcer: Extract juice from the soft leaves of Jambul plant and rinse your mouth, repeat if necessary for fast result.
  • Dysentery: Jambul sherbet is considered to be quite beneficial for the treatment of dysentery.
  • Stomach ache:  Take 2 teaspoon of Jamun/Jambul Vinegar after food. Jambul vinegar is also beneficial in other problems like liver or spleen enlargement.
  • Scorpion bite: Rubbing of crushed Jambul leaves over the bitten area helps immensely in relieving bite pain.
  • Loose Motion: In loose motions take 1-2 teaspoons of bark or leaves juice 3 times a day.
  • Hoarse Voice: Take Jambul seed powder with water.
  • Pyorrhea: Rub Jambul bark powder over gums will give instant relief.
  • Jaundice: Fill a ¾ Glass Jar with Jambul fruit juice and remaining Jar with Rock Salt (sendha namak). Jar should be kept for 45 days before using it. Take 4 spoons of the mixture for jaundice and other liver ailments.
  • Blood purifier: Jambul sherbet if taken regularly will purify the blood and cleans up the skin impurities like acnes and pimples.  

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