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Kidney Stones: Cure and Prevention

Kidney stones, once considered as the middle age crisis, now even engulfing children as small as 6 years old. A faulty eating practice along with fewer intake of water is the explanation to why there is such a steep rise of kidney stones in younger patients. Around 60 percent of the kidney stone formed is due to the binding of calcium with a byproduct of certain foods, known as oxalate. Other commonly kidney stones types include calcium phosphate stones and uric acid stones. The pain caused by the kidney stones is considered to be one of the most excruciating one. Kidney stones take a while to do away with, once it affects us. Below are few herbal home remedies that are considered to be effective in flushing out kidney stones from the body.
1)      6 gram papaya root powder mix with 50 ml of water. Consume this potion twice (morning and evening) daily for 21 days. This process will liquefy the stones from the kidney.
2)      1 gram turmeric (haldi) with 2 gram jaggery or molasses (Indian Gur) if eaten with gajar ki kanji (a tasty carrot drink with mustard) is dissolve stones in no time.
3)      Horse gram (kulthi lentil in India) is considered to be the pinnacle for kidney stones. Take 20 Gms of Horse gram and
boil it in 250 ml water. Remove mixture from the heat when the mixture will be reducing to ¼. Drink this liquid when warm. Repeat this process for next 25 days to effectively dissolve the kidney stones.
4)      Punarnava (spreading hogweed) powder boiled in milk should be consumed daily twice for few days.
5)      Chew few fresh leaves of grape with 1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice will help.

If you have any complication then please consult your doctor first and as you all know that precaution is always better then cure. So drink lots of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices daily. Avoid eating too much of animal protein. Excessive intake of salt is also considered to be the one of the cause of kidney stone. Avoid food high in oxalate like spinach, wheat barn and nuts. So use your discretion in opting what to eat and stay healthy ever.

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