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Natural Health | The Vegetable Diet

Natural cures are more effective

· Reuters reports that herbal extracts show promise for diabetes.
· The Associated Press reports that walking may ward off Alzheimer's disease.
· Reuters reports that eating healthy organic food is shown to prevent and cure a host of various diseases.
· Reuters reports that acupuncture eases post-surgical ills including nausea and actually
works better than drugs!
· Reuters reports that the herbal remedy St. John'sWort is as effective, or more effective, in
treating depression than drugs.
· The FDA itself finally admits that extra virgin olive oil reduces the chances of coronary
heart disease.
· The BBC news reports that eating apples wards off colon cancer, and apples prevent and can
cure cancer.
· The Associated Press reports that walking keeps weight in check.
· Reuters reports that people who sleep less tend to be fat, showing the benefits of getting
proper rest.
· ABC News reports that relaxation techniques lower blood pressure.
· Yahoo News reported that herbs help ease children's illnesses, such as colds, skin allergies,
and sleep problems. It also reported that the herbs worked better than drugs and had no side
· Reuters reports that green tea is identified as an anticancer agent.
· There is increased scientific validation of how homeopathy prevents and cures disease.
· Mangosteen juice, in studies, has been shown to prevent hardening of the arteries, protect
the heart muscle, be beneficial in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease
and other forms of dementia, elevates mood and is an antidepressant, prevents and arrests
fungus, prevents bacterial infections, fights viruses, prevents gum disease, lowers fever,
prevents glaucoma and cataracts, increases energy and fights fatigue, promotes anti-aging
and weight loss, lowers blood fat, has anti-tumor benefits, prevents cancer, lowers blood
pressure, lowers blood sugar, and improves digestion.

Vegetarian food Vs. Non Vegetarian food:-  The China Study is the largest most comprehensive study ever done on the subject...
Cornell and Oxford University researched the effects of ingesting meat versus plant food on 650,000 people in Indonesia in 26 provinces over the course of 22 years. One group of people was fed meat while the other group was fed only plant foods. The group that was fed meat developed cancer while the group that was fed raw plant foods stayed healthy. Then the foods were switched on them and the people who had cancer were fed raw plant foods and they got healthy again! The healthy group that was fed meat got cancer! This was replicated 50 times over the course of 22 years!!!
So, it is better to adopt vegetarian diet for natural health and wellness.

Note:-This is a blog about health, nutirtion, diet food, nutritional supplement, health problems, weed, medicinal plants, healthy living. In this health and wellness blog I am discussing the herbal uses, effects of weed, about herbs, food for vegetarians, medicinal plants like celery, dandelion, amla, milk thistle and all other natural healers for healthy living. The motive behind this blog is to bring awareness among people about its surrounding, the mother nature and its precious gifts. The Gifts that we have forgotten long back. Please consult your doctor or herbal practitioner before using any herbs.