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Home Remedies that works- Loose Weight

Triphala Churn

Triphala is a classic Ayurvedic preparation which contains equal parts of Amla, Baheda, and Harad. It helps balance and rejuvenate the three constitutional elements that govern human life: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The main purpose of triphala is to help improve and regulate bowel movements. Constipation leads to many other health problems including digestion, liver issues, less vitality and energy, and just an overall poorer quality of life. 

For Weight Loss 

Mix I teaspoon triphala churn(powder) in 200 ml water and keep the mixture overnight. In the morning boil it till the mix reduce to 100 ml. Add 2 teaspoon of honey in lukewarm mixture and drink it. Amazingly, within days you will shed extra kilos without any side effect and its inexpensive. Search Google for other benefits of Triphala.
You can purchase Triphala from the local Ayurvedic Shops or can purchase online, visit my page " useful links" for more info.
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  1. Hi Himanshu,
    Nice post, short and simple. I used to take triphal churan for constipation. But did not know it helped in weight loss. I should really try your method coz i have been trying to shed couple of kgs for a long time now, but just wanted to know if you or anybody used it and has worked in weight loss.

    1. Hello Pallavi, I'm using triphala regularly and yes its really effective in weight loss.
      Triphala tones the tissues of the colon, promoting regularity, which can help in losing excess weight.It is also a laxative that rejuvenates the membrane lining the digestive tract and contributes to effective cleansing of the colon, a key condition in Ayurveda to maintaining optimum health.Loosing weight is just one of the benefits one can get after regular use. Triphala can work wonders in constipation ,colon tonification ,gastrointestinal tract tonifier ,intestinal cleansing ,digestive balancer ,food assimilation support ,serum cholesterol balance ,better circulation , bile duct opener ,sluggish peristalsis ,antioxidant ,headaches ,kidney support and liver support. To help your skin make the most of Triphala's cleansing power, avoid eating too many heavy, deep-fried foods or rich desserts. All the best


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