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Tips for Weight correction

 Weight, whether it’s over or less than average, always raise apprehension about entity’s health. And it’s true as many health problems are directly or indirectly  related to it and  the diet we eat.
Just remember the below mentioned few basic things if you want to correct your weight regardless of whether you are over or under weight.

1)      Do regular Exercise and Pranayam: Make a habit of exercising no less than 15-20 minutes a day(it can be jogging, brisk walking or rope skipping) and at least 3-4 times a week and practice pranayam daily in the morning can do wonders for you. Learn pranayam for some experienced yoga practitioner.
2)      Take proper rest: Make it a habit of sleeping 6-7 hours daily as proper relaxation is must for body to get itself repaired and replenished.
3)      Eat a timely proper diet: Eat a timely well balanced proper diet. Include green veggies, fruits and nuts. Also drink 10-12 glasses of water to perform different bodily functions well. 

Diet for Weigh Gain and Vigor: - Mix Shatavari, Ashwagandha and White Musli power in equal quantity, and take 3-5 grams of mixture daily with milk or water. Include fruits like Banana, Mango and
Dates in your diet. Also eat curd, particularly in the morning.Avoid Oily and junk food along with meat and breads of all kind. Within month you will find strength in your body and weight gain no less then 2-3 kg. These tips are timely tested and proven. If taken properly can do wonders also consult some practitioner before using them.
 For Weight loss

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